Strategic Derivative Product Implementation

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Financial institutions are always looking for opportunities to expand their businesses in strategic markets. One focus area for multi-jurisdictional banks, for example, is the expansion of the range of derivative products that they make available to correspondent banks, such as new banks, or institutional clients. This range of complex derivative instruments – including interest rate, foreign exchange, equity or debt derivative instruments – often relies on the implementation of complex systems, for both accounting and trade processes to take place. These systems must also be able to price and distribute across multi-jurisdictional platforms and are often both technically complex and time-consuming to implement.

At Monocle, we have a very unique financial markets skillset, coupled with the technical ability to design and execute the implementation of complex systems in a trading environment. We are able to fast-track the integration of new derivative pricing and distribution systems, ensuring our clients can act swiftly and strategically. Our end-to-end approach includes the integration of data sources, as well as the integration of different software solutions across both physical and cloud environments. We are also able to handle pre-settlement and settlement processes, as well as to design and implement pricing engines. We consider all necessary reconciliation and integration processes in our approach, ensuring delivery of comprehensive solutions that meet all our clients’ requirements.