Digitisation of Enterprise Risk, Audit and Compliance Functions

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In considering a large financial organisation’s ambitions to modernise and digitise their operations, some of the most complex and challenging digital transformations that will be undertaken are in the risk, audit and compliance functions at a group level.

As experts in digital enterprise transformation, with broad and deep technical skills and extensive experience in the financial services industry, Monocle is highly adept at leading complex projects that support our clients’ vision of a more digital approach to banking and insurance. Ultimately, our clients trust us to get the job done because we have the industry knowledge to accurately identify the precise business requirements for these challenging transformations, as well as the hardcore coding skills to ensure that these requirements are precisely implemented, in line with all requisite regulations.

Monocle has proven experience in implementing complex automation and optimisation projects in risk, audit and compliance functions at an enterprise level, including the delivery of big data insight platforms for group audit functions, dashboard reporting in terms of business continuity for operational risk, as well as bespoke digital process implementations that ease compliance information requirements, amongst many other digital projects within these highly technical and specialised spaces.