Centralisation of Enterprise Data Processes

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At an enterprise level, large financial organisations often face the challenge of having disparate and fragmented data processes across different business units, without one centralised and optimised view of their data.

At Monocle, we have worked alongside our clients in the financial services industry for over fifteen years to streamline the use and movement of their data at an enterprise level. These projects involve the design and build of centralised data warehouses that receive and store source data from various business units, allowing for easily available, accurate, reliable, and relevant data from across the organisation for business use.

Our clients trust us to undertake these complex projects because we have a deep understanding of   the business structures, regulations, and data architectures in the banking and insurance industries, as well as the technical capabilities to get the job done. Monocle seeks always to understand the root causes of these enterprise level challenges rather than simply treating symptoms, and this ensures that the solutions we design and implement ultimately deliver meaningful, long-term change and unlock valuable data insight opportunities.