Automated Risk Reporting

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Creating monthly risk reports has typically been a time-consuming manual process that often produces results that lack the granularity required by business to make informed decisions. These challenges can be overcome by automating the reporting process and incorporating visualisation software to display data in a way that is more meaningful to decision-makers.

With over fifteen years of experience in the financial services industry and a diverse technical skillset, Monocle has worked extensively with our clients to automate many types of reporting processes. Our comprehensive approach involves conducting an initial analysis of the existing reporting infrastructure to identify opportunities for enhancement, conceptualising a future-state infrastructure that meets all regulatory and client-specific requirements, and executing all aspects of the infrastructure development and implementation.

Critically, the upgraded reporting infrastructure will include tailormade dashboards with visuals and filters that allow for quick analysis of key metrics. These dashboards enable senior banking and insurance leaders to view data at a more granular level and identify the customer-level impact of the decisions they make, facilitating more informed and efficient short, medium, and long-term planning for the organisation. We work with all the leading cutting-edge software vendors on the BI application space.