February 4
Customer experience improvement and shareholder value optimisation almost always feature as top goals for any executive in a large organisation. These goals are shared across different functions and d...
February 4
Historically, IT functioned as a stand-alone, shared-service unit that supported organisations in achieving their business goals. Today it is considered the foundation upon which companies run their o...
Compliance Reporting: The Path to Automation
June 4
The level of regulatory compliance facing the financial services sector has increased significantly in recent years. In South Africa, the compliance reporting burden is no less onerous with financial ...
Financial Crimes Compliance
May 22
Financial crimes compliance is an important Regulatory Requirement faced by financial institutions and a key element in the fight against terrorist financing, human trafficking, slave labour, drug tra...
May 3
To effectively navigate a data migration, organisations are dependent on a robust roadmap. Our latest insights paper focuses on the JSE's ITAC initiative and the key stages required for banks to devel...
April 26
To leverage data as an asset, organisations need to develop an effective data access management framework that ensures the unobstructed flow of accurate and timely information to the correct data user...
IFRS17: More Than Technical Accounting
April 11
The additional complexity, granularity and operating model changes associated in complying with IFRS17 are often not the core focus of many insurers. We outline the critical components to solving thes...
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July 4
In May 2012, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) issued the first paper in a series of consultative documents aimed at revising the current Market Risk Framework.
Monocle Solutions
June 25
Despite the regular updating of technologies and tightening of regulations to keep criminals at bay, criminals are finding increasingly clever ways to commit financial crimes such as money laundering ...
Monocle Solutions
September 6
The liquidity and credit crisis of 2007 and 2008 left the global financial community concerned over liquidity risk. Suddenly, multi-national banking groups realised they had to broaden their understan...
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July 10
In 1994, airport officials in Rotterdam found it necessary to lodge a formal complaint against a company that they felt had begun to endanger the lives of their passengers and pilots.
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October 3
It is generally agreed amongst economists, bankers, politicians and the man on the street that the 2007/8 financial crisis was the worst economic crisis to befall western economies since the Great Dep...
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September 8
The new Standardised Approach for calculating counterparty credit risk (SA-CCR) is set to replace the two current standardised approaches formally known as the Current Exposure Method (CEM) and the St...
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July 1
In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, the G20 and Basel Committee for Banking Supervision introduced a raft of new banking regulations, known collectively as Basel III.
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May 1
IFRS 9 is the IASB’s envisaged answer to the criticisms cast at its current financial instruments standard, IAS 39. As part of the three-phase project to bring it about, the IASB has been cooperating ...
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April 1
A model may be defined as a mathematical process, whether deterministic or stochastic in nature, which transfers raw data into a synthetic score upon which decisions can be made in the acquisition of ...
Monocle Solutions
September 15
We know that fair value accounting doesn’t make sense for derivative instruments. A derivative can be potentially extremely volatile in terms of its value at any given point in time owing to small flu...
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August 3
The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision released on the 16 July 2015 for public consultation a revised version of the “General guide to account opening”.
Monocle Solutions
July 15
June 2011 marked the deadline by which the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) were to have achieved convergence in respect of the new IFRS ...
Monocle Solutions
October 9
It has been interesting to notice over the past several months the invention of new ideas and the reinvention of old ideas that put flesh on the stringent new regulatory demands proposed by world lead...
Monocle Solutions
August 12
I recently paged with interest through two Fitch reports on Credit Default Swap (CDS) spreads and subsequent default rates during the financial crisis. [1],[2] The earlier of these Fitch reports exami...
Monocle Solutions
May 9
I’ve been asked to speak today about balance in the financial markets, and I have decided, to make my life more difficult, and in order to begin, to start with the moment of its greatest imbalance.
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April 12
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is in the process of launching its own non-displayed order functionality, taking into consideration international regulatory developments. Russel Loubser, the Chi...
Monocle Solutions
March 17
This is the second part of a 2-part opinion article. It explores the reasons why regulators themselves have publicly questioned the clause that limits banks' use of external credit ratings in capital ...
Monocle Solutions
February 11
One gets the sense, just three weeks after Barack Obama signed into law the 2300 page Dodd-Frank Act, that legislators may have put the cart before the horse, so to speak. The Dodd-Frank Act represent...
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