Fair Play

Letter from the CEO

It is with significant pride that we publish this, our seventh issue of the Monocle Quarterly Journal. It is no mean feat to produce a business journal in the first place, but, in the midst of these complicated and challenging times – whilst also in the pursuit of growing our business – we are particularly proud of getting this one to print.

This issue is titled Fair Play and it attempts to contrast the world of sport and games – that is, the world of leisure – with the world in which we spend the majority of our waking hours, the world of commerce and business. It is somewhat unusual for a business journal, particularly a journal that represents such a specifically focused business as ours, to cover more general and somewhat esoteric topics. We have done this before in prior issues to some extent, such as in #Work and Deep Learning, but in this issue, we truly strike out on a new path altogether. 

The intrinsic idea behind this issue is to experiment with a stylistic literary device employed by Ernest Hemingway in his early work – to deliberately interrupt one narrative with another in order to elicit a more nuanced and emotive response in the reader. We are seeking to explore what it is that compels us to obey the rules that govern our behaviour, both on the field of play as well as within the realm of business. And yet also, we seek to explore what it is that drives us essentially, as human beings, irrespective of social boundaries altogether, to pursue success with such enormous passion and intent.

I ask only that you keep an open mind, and that you tolerate this attempt to further unravel the meaning of work, and of sport, and of our lives themselves. It is a privilege to possess this unique platform, this journal. We can only hope that we have done it some justice. Enjoy reading!

David Buckham
Chief Executive Officer