Letter from the CEO

The extent to which we undervalue the importance of work is one of the great ironies of modern civilised life. I do not mean that we underestimate the importance of work in terms of its ability to change our lives or to give us the means to provide for our families. I mean the extent to which we undervalue the importance of our work in the development of ourselves within society, and within the constraints of our capacity to grow as human beings. 

Whilst this Quarterly Journal has always been intended to provide a nuanced perspective on banking and finance, we made the decision to focus this issue on the tectonic changes taking place in the world of work more generally. The infiltration into our lives of the micro-robots of social media and the gradual narcissistic effect of the smartphone and the super-app have radically altered the way we perceive ourselves, both within personal relationships and within work relationships. For young aspiring graduates, as well as for experienced professionals, there has never been a more important time to remember that we do not work only to be successful. It is the manner in which we journey in life, and in work, and the attitude we have towards work, that is the distinctive feature – not in terms of success, but more importantly, in terms of happiness.

At Monocle Solutions we provide strategic consulting advice and implementation services in the fields of banking and finance. It is of paramount importance to us that our employees and all of those with whom we interact are fundamentally bettered from the experience, truly in a human sense.

If it is to be that we must study so that we may work, and we must work so that we may succeed, then surely it is an imperative that we should evolve as human beings while doing so.

David Buckham
Chief Executive Officer