Financial Markets Operations

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The interaction of data, regulations, processes, systems and technologies within a large financial institution’s markets and trading operations is highly complex.

Critically, financial institutions continuously process a vast number of transactions, producing complex data flows and requiring accurate and transparent record-keeping on a significant scale. The systems and processes in place to manage these transactions are therefore of the utmost importance.

At Monocle, we specialise in the strategy, design and implementation of the core functionalities of the markets and trading operations of financial institutions. Having worked alongside our clients to execute numerous projects in this field, we have gained extensive experience in the most widely used integrated trading, risk management, processing and post-trade products and their respective conventions, and can confidently provide assistance to organisations wishing to streamline and optimise this significant aspect of their operations.

Our expertise includes designing and building bespoke reporting, forecasting and dashboarding solutions, as well as solutions for real-time pricing and flash reporting. We also have substantial experience in middle office process automation and front office pricing automation and, based on our unique combination of technical skills and industry knowledge, can ensure successful straight through processing implementation and collateral and margin management.

We are essentially "markets" people – our firm having specialised for more than a decade on the most complex risk management processes and methodologies for the market, credit, counterparty and liquidity risk disciplines. For hardcore domain knowledge and quantitative skills in these areas, we have been the go-to firm within our client base through all of the more recent significant changes in regulation governing markets and trading.