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Data is the fuel that powers our modern world. As specialist data engineers, we believe that the real change within large financial organisations takes place at a very deep technical level, where data and technology turn the cogs and wheels that allow a business to function more efficiently.

It is, after all, the most efficient, fit-for-purpose systems and technologies, coupled with the most precise data available, that enables banks and insurers to gain deeper insights into their markets and their customers – and, indeed, into the efficiency of their own operations.

With many years of experience working in the financial services industry, Monocle is proud to work at the coalface – alongside our clients – to design, implement and optimise the industry-strength systems and processes that are at the very core of their operations.

Our expertise includes a wide spectrum of data and technology capabilities, including but not limited to, system and database migration, system integration and decommissioning, key data strategy consulting, management and governance capabilities, data office strategy and operating model optimisation, data quality and data lineage enhancement, dashboarding and visualisation, emerging technology consulting, and business intelligence implementation.

We are the data experts within banking and insurance, having had the insight right from the inception of our firm, two decades ago, that possessing the skills to work with data would not be enough to solve serious industry challenges. We realised it would take the best people with the best domain knowledge in the most complex areas of banking and insurance, to be highly skilled in a range of different data engineering platforms and to work well in teams, with the right attitude, to get the job done.